WOOFER Enhance Your Sound Experience with Deep Bass
The woofer is an important product in an audio system and a producer of deep bass tones. In this article, we take a detailed look at what woofers are, how they work and how they are detailed in sound systems.
What is a WOOFER?
A woofer is one of the components of a loudspeaker that operates at low frequencies. The "woofer" terminal takes over the function of the loudspeaker. That is, this consumption produces low-frequency sound and high sound pressures. woofers are one of the basic services in music, cinema or car audio systems. It allows this system to reproduce low-frequency sounds with high frequency.
WOOFER's Task and Working Principles
Woofers are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds and create high sound pressures. A woofer uses a membrane, usually in the shape of a large cone. An electrical circuit on the loudspeaker vibrates this cone. The vibrating cone pushes the air, creating sound waves. A larger cone can usually generate more air and produce deeper bass width.
Woofer Types
Woofer come in different sizes and designs. Here are some common woofer system:
Subwoofer : A subwoofer is a large type of woofer designed for sound capacity at the lowest frequency. It intensifies deep bass tones and is used in home theater systems or car audio systems.
Mid-Bass woofer : Mid-bass woofers are used for a more balanced sound output. They can reproduce mid-frequency sounds.
Small woofer : Used in more compact speakers or as part of speakers, small woofers are designed to enhance low-frequency sounds.
Woofer and COAXIAL speakers
COAXIAL loudspeakers combine in a single unit, usually coupled with a woofer This allows the reproduction of low and high frequency sounds in a compact and efficient way. The wooferinside COAXIAL speakers has the ability to deliver deep bass and highs simultaneously.
Woofers are indispensable programs to enrich your audio experience and enjoy deep bass tones. You can choose a woofer of the right size and power and significantly enhance your sound system. For an ideal sound experience, remember that the woofer is an important product that the sound system must integrate.